'Awarta, 'Azzun 'Atma, Huwwara

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Esty V, Nava A.


Good news, bad news – this is the last day that Azun Atma Checkpoint will be operating.  From now on workers will have to join the crowd of people who cross at the Eyal Checkpoint.

The almond trees are beginning to flower.


06:30 – Azun Atma

We drove down Route 5 in darkness to the Azun Atma Checkpoint.  To our surprise we discovered that we were already on the new road and there was no way to get to the checkpoint. We stopped next to a contractor who was waiting for workers and watched them running across the road in the rain from the checkpoint to the new road. We will not come there any more.

Traffic was moving smoothly through the Shomron Gate.


06:55 – Za’atra – Tapuach

There were no soldiers, but the border patrol had stopped a group of Palestinians by the side road and had them line up in a row while they checked their ID cards.  After a few minutes they got into their van and continued on their way. 

There was an army vehicle standing opposite Betar and another in the town of Huwara.  There was no military activity at the Yitzhar – Burian junction. 


07:30– Once again we did not see any school children in the village of Beit Furik.  It is either vacation or they are on strike. 


07:35– The watchtower at Beit Furik Checkpointwas not manned.


07:40– The passage at Awartawas blocked by a metal arm gate.


The watchtower at the Huwara checkpoint was not manned. 

We returned by way of the Jitt Junctionto the Ephraim Gate.  There are signs along the road advertising the "Jewish Home" party for the upcoming elections.

We crossed through quickly and got tied up in the Israeli morning traffic jam.