South Mount Hebron - all along the road you see blockages of dirt roads

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Daphna J., Muhammad. Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham
Jewish Terror

The parking lot at Meitar Checkpoint is almost empty.  Workers still are not permitted to enter Israel except for a small number of essential workers.

A new fence is being constructed around Widady to Route 317 that will prevent  herds and flocks belonging to the Palestinians from entering the area.

At Zanuta, that was forcefully abandoned, we saw a settler on horseback grazing his herd on Palestinian land.

We drove to Bassal at A-Tawani  to take packages of food to be distributed.  He told us that things were currently calm.  He will be traveling to Berlin to attend a film festival with Yuval Avraham to present a film that he has been preparing for several years.

We saw more and more buildings belonging to illegal outposts and fences around the hills along Route 317.

We arrived at Um Al kheir to bring food to  Aziz’s mother.  She told us that she only has three goats, but the settlers from Carmel nearby don’t allow her to let them out to graze.

The Zif Junction is closed and vehicles cannot cross.  The crossing is closed by a gate and people have to walk around.   This is the main crossing from Route 317  to Yata.  There are no soldiers there to open the gate if necessary.  Closed and that's it...

We drove along Route 356 towards Route 60 and the area of Al_Baqah to see the Jabar Family at Atta.  Their location  is beneath Kiryat Arba.  We met Jodi and his nieces.

He told us that he has put  screens on the windows of his home because settlers throw stones at their home and he is afraid that they will throw fire bombs as well.

Several days ago soldiers came and broke the lock to his gate without waiting for them to open it.   They forbade him from digging a sewage pit,  claiming that he was liable to dig a tunnel to reach Kiryat Arba. 

We left food packages with him to distribute.

We continued on to Route 60. The Sheep Junction was closed.  There was no possibility for vehicles to cross to Hebron or to the industrial zone.  Kilkis Junction was closed to vehicles and only pedestrians can cross. Taxis were waiting on both sides of the crossing.

Al Fawwar Junction and the entrance to as-Samu were closed.

We saw blockages of the  dirt roads that would have shortened any drive to go anywhere for any reason. The Palestinians need to drive further which takes a long time and makes it much harder to go.