Etzion DCO: "There is no one in the offices to take care of you!"

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Shlomit Steinitz, Natanya Ginzburg (report and photos) 

There is despair, then there is 'beyond despair'.. and beyond that?  Is there any such word in the English language? That is what Shlomit and I felt this afternoon.  You want to know why?  See the photo at the bottom where the soldiers are so busy they have no time to deal with Palestinians .

There were not many people there for the GSS. Only two men waiting for their sons and they had been there for more than two hours. 

 The man who had been working his land with his tractor standing next to him. Settlers came with soldiers and simply took it away. Now the army and the police claim they know nothing about  it.

Another man who has a license to take old cars .....the army came and took the cars and the license.

We opened our eyes at the man from Abu Gosh who had been called in by the GSS. Hanna Barag said that this was not the first time that she had heard of such a case. He says many of his family live in Bethlehem and he is often there which may be the reason. Maybe that the GSS is trying to get information from him. We will wait patiently for our turn. 

A man cam with his brother's wife, the brother is working and does not want to lose his job.  For six years the family  had been trying to get a hearing for family reunification and the next day they had an appointment with the Ministry of the Interior for that matter.  Almost like a mirage, a soldier actually appeared at the window and started screaming! and I do mean screaming. Had he reached a higher crescendo, he would probably have managed to break the glass of the window: "there is no one in the offices to deal with you!"  We both wished him and every other soldier in this DCO that one day, if they go overseas (to Hague?) they will receive the same kind of treatment.

There was no way we could help any of these people though we tried every phone call we could think of.

Going back, we saw three soldiers sitting at a table in an empty field. Maybe that was the reason that there was no one to help this man. What can be more important for the state of Israel than guarding an empty field.  No, we did not drive up to ask them why as they would probably have shot us or arrested us.