Central West Bank - Barriers non stop!

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All the villages are blocked one way or another and it's difficult to find a way to get to towns – for medical care, doctors and food. The exit from Qalqiliya is open and there is a road from there to Nablus through Jit and Deir Sharaf. However, at Deir Sharaf where we visited, there is an open and manned checkpoint and may be closed at any time (probably closed that evening).

On the way from Izbat Tabib to Azzun there is a manned checkpoint and crossing involves inspection.

At the entrance to Azzun from the main road there are closed gatesinfo-icon and a threatening fence around this entrance up to some dozen meters.

The entrance to Jinsafut is with gates, right now open.

At the entrance to Funduk there is a manned army post. Little action, many shops closed.'

We continued to road 60 in the direction of Deir Sharaf, and drove back on road 60 towards Huwarra. On our way, the entrance to Sara is blocked with a manned checkpoint, and possible entry is unclear.

The entrance to Madama is blocked by a gate.  One can reach the village from Burin, but passage to Nablus – used by villagers from Madama, Asira Qibliya and Burin is impossible without passage to the main road through Tel village and controlled and often blocked, as we heard later in Burin from people who stand for hours until able to cross.

A woman who gave birth, back from Nablus, waited for hours with her newborn child, until she was enabled to get back home.

There is a point blocked by soldiers and the bus reaches it, the passengers walk to the bus coming from the other direction.

Huwarra: there are more shops ad restaurants open now than the last time we were there a week ago, but very few people and cars on the street. Settlers no longer pass here but rather take the giant new settlers road that passes the fields of Beita, Huwarra and Awarta. It is about 10 meters higher than its surroundings. Soldiers guard along the road in several places.

The notorious Huwarra Checkpoint at the entrance to Nablus from road 50 is shut down.

We continued to Beit Furik.

Awarta Checkpoint is a possible entrance way to Nablus if one comes from the northern side, through Awarta village, opened and controlled. A long line of waiting cars in both directions. On our way back we stopped but soldiers asked us to leave, claiming it was dangerous for us to stand there.

The Beit Furik Checkpoint is manned and every car is inspected. The waiting line is short.

We entered Beit Furik village. Most of the shops were closed – on strike. Last night, according to villagers with whom we talked, soldiers entered the village and the youngsters got mad and threw stones. Soldiers opened fire and a young man was killed. At the grocery there were children – no school because of the strike.

We drove back to Burin. Exit to road 60 is open now, but manned. It is unclear who is allowed through. Yesterday settlers came down to Burin from Yitzhar colony, threw stones and a stone-throwing fight ensued with the locals. Soldiers arrived and shot in the air, and the settlers withdrew.

The ride home went quickly, entrance to Sara from road 60 is now blocked.

How easy it is for us to move, whereas Palestinians are stopped at every step of the way.

In the evening we heard that exits/entrances to ALL the villages were blocked now.