Irtah (Sha'ar Efrayim), Sun 30.8.09, Morning

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צופות ומדווחות: 
Ziona O, Semadar B.

We arrived at 04:00

The queue was very long, so long that its end couldn't be seen

We estimated that this morning about 4500 workers passed

04:35 The turnstiles were opened

Most workers pass without food parcels, so the passage, when the turnstiles are open, is quicker, there are no alarms set off by tins of tuna fish and the passage is relatively quick

05:08 The turnstiles are closed, about 1000 workers still stand outside

05:13 The turnstiles are opened

05:27 The projectors have been extinguished. Again the workers are left silent in the dark

05:27 The turnstiles are closed

In the background there is a summons on the loudspeaker for an arab worker to return to the turnstiles, the summons is in his proper name

05:42 The turnstiles are still closed

Ziona calls the DCO at Tul Karem, the young man Nadav sounds very sleepy she explains the situation to him

In the end he disconnects the line

05:55 The turnstiles are opened

06:00 Pressure, crowding and blows in the queue and people quarrel about the queue

The workers ask that a cover be made for the winter

Is there anybody who could really tell us what will happen in Irtah in the winter?

06:14 The turnstiles are again closed

06:18 They open the turnstiles and about 30 people enter

The workers complain that they are being detained and will be late for work

07:00 We left