Beit Ummar, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Nabi Yunis, Mon 5.10.09, Morning

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צופות ומדווחות: 
Chaya A., Ada G. (reporting)

06:50 AM, Bethlehem - Checkpoint 300:  closureinfo-icon, and so few people entitled to pass - church workers and teachers - only one position open, with a line of 20 people. After repeated requests, they opened another at 07:15. Two women were sent to the DCO to refresh palm prints.


08:00 AM, Etzion DCL:  closed - a notice on the door states that the DCL is closed from 4:10 am to 8:10 am, and only emergencies will be dealt with.
The two women arrive from Checkpoint 300, sent here but it is closed. What will be? They will lose the whole week because of the closure. We phoned the number listed on the door, and a soldier told us that today it is impossible because it is linked to the magnetic. We explained that there is no connection, and asked him to talk to the officer who by chance came to open the office. We explained the situation to him - and he took the women in. They did a new palm print and were very happy. We waited for them to come out and took them to the road because there were no taxis at the DCL - closure.


09:00 AM, Nabi Yunis: we dealt with a few people with the usual requests.


09:45 AM, Beit Ummar: we stopped to clarify a few questions for two Palestinians who were waiting for us.


A short shift by virtue/because of the closure.

Alas - rights such as these.