Petah Tikva - Remand Extension, Minors

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צופות ומדווחות: 
Sara K.

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Judge: Major Itai Regev

Prosecutor: Sergeant Major Aataf Ouida

Stenographer: Corporal Dror Mendola

Interpreter: Private Shibli Halabi

Most of the files at today's hearing are of detaineesinfo-icon represented by Advc. Abed, but he is not present in court and Advc. Mahajna is filling in for him. Mahajna asks that the protocols specifically make note in every case that he is representing Advc. Abed. The proceedings open with a number of cases of blacklisted detainees. The defense attorney objects methodically to extension of remand of all the blacklisted detainees for whom this is the first remand extension. He argues that, since they have not met an attorney, and are unaware of their rights, their remand and blacklisting should be shortened as much as possible, and at most there should be an additional hearing on remand extension so there should be judicial critique.

The judge listens attentively to all the arguments, but generally accedes to the requests of the investigative authority.

Occasionally we get a strong sense of an assembly line - detainees for whom a plea bargain has been reached are brought in by pairs, leaving the courtroom after a minute or two, the judge having approved the plea.

Name of Detainee: Belal Mustafa Rejib, blacklisted, arrested for forbidden activities, endangering the peace of the region.

The investigative authority requests a remand extension of 15 days. The detainee is the father of two, and has expressed remorse.

The defense attorney objects to the remand extension. This is the first extension, and the accused has expressed remorse. He gave an account and has cooperated with his interrogators. He requests judicial supervision of the interrogation since the detainee is prohibited from meeting with an attorney. There will be time for additional extensions after the detainee has been linked to the allegations and the picture has become clearer.

Judge: I have perused the restricted report and learnt the background of the detainee's arrest. I have found that there is a basis for requesting extension of remand, and physical evidence has been collected to strengthen the information that led to his arrest. I am convinced of the need to maintain an investigation under conditions of remand. I am convinced that the actions requested by the investigating authority should be carried out.

The remand is extended by 15 days.

The proceeding lasted three minutes.

Name of Detainee: Haled Muhalek Maher Druze, blacklisted, arrested on 20.10.07 for forbidden activities, endangering the peace of the region.

The investigative authority requests a remand extension of 15 days.

The defense attorney objects for the same reasons as in the case of the previous detainee.

Judge: accepts the request of the investigating authority and extends remand by 15 days.

The proceeding lasted three minutes.

Name of Detainee: Muhamad Atta Sarai, a very young boy.

Defense attorney: the accused reports that he was interrogated and cooperated with the investigators, and has already mentioned a quote from the police that there is an incriminator. Why are they requesting 16 days extended remand when he has not been interrogated for 14 days? There is no new suspicion beyond what has already been investigated. There is need to check whether all the actions that were raised in the previous extension have been carried out. The question is whether they could not have already finished the investigation? In the event that a new remand is decided upon, he requests that it be the last.

At this point, the investigator approaches the judge for a long exchange, though what it is about is not clear.

Judge: has studied the investigation report and the classified report since the arrest, and particularly since the last remand request. Most of the investigative activities were carried out in the two days following the previous hearing, and since then the investigating authority has carried out various investigative activities without directly interrogating the detainee. The authority must be allowed to complete the actions with have potential bearing on the collection of evidence linked to the suspect. Possibly the actions can be carried out in less than the requested time, though he is not entirely convinced of this. Nevertheless, the remand can be shortened.

Remand extended by eight days.

The proceeding lasted seven minutes.

Name of Detainee: Muhamad Orhia Mahmoud Aamori, from Nablus, arrested on 24.9.07 for forbidden activities endangering the peace of the region.

The investigating authority requests a remand extension of eight days. There is an agreement and the judge accedes.

Name of Detainee: Ehab Taher Muhamad Jid, from Nablus, arrested on 21.9.07 for forbidden activities.

The investigative authority requests a remand extension of 15 days.

The defense attorney objects to the request. The accused gave his version already 20 days ago. He has not seen his interrogators in ten days. The attorney requests the court to check that all actions for which remand was extended have been carried out, and to check whether the investigation is at a standstill and leading nowhere. The case should be transferred to the prosecution quickly and the remand should be shortened. The detainee has already been held for 45 days, and the suspicions are not complicated, and it is not clear why such a long detention is required.

Judge: I have studied the classified report and the previous remand extensions, and examined the detainee's version. The detainee has been interrogated and repeated his statements in recent days. I am convinced that the real picture is different then that given by the detainee. Because of the detailed information in the classified report regarding the continued investigation, I accede to the request. Remand extended by 15 days until 7.11.07.

The proceeding lasted five minutes.

Name of Detainee: Isser Yaakoub Yussuf Dabes, from Nablus, arrested on 20.10.07 for forbidden activities.

The investigating authority requests a remand extension of 22 days.

The defense attorney objects to the extension. The suspect has been under arrest for only a few days and, according to him, has already admitted his guilt and given a police statement. With that his investigation is at an end. The question is whether there is a detailed plan of investigation and whether there are other suspicions that necessitate investigation and a new interrogation of the detainee. At this early stage of the investigation, a short remand should suffice.

He notes that the detainee is asking for undergarments. He suffers from rheumatism of the joints and needs medication.

Judge: agrees with the defense that the investigation can be completed in a shorter time, reducing the extent of remand. Extends the remand by 15 days, and notes in the protocol that the detainee is to be supplied with medicaments.

Remand extended to 7.11.07.
The proceeding lasted five minutes.

Two detainees are brought in together:

Yusuf Muhamad Aajlil Aadi Massawa,
arrested on 7.10.07.

Viyam Mizhar Kesab from Krayot, arrested on 7.10.07 for forbidden activity.

The investigating authority requests a remand extension for both suspects of 16 days for the purpose of transferring the case to the prosecution.

There is agreement and the remand is extended by 16 days till 8.11.07. The proceeding lasted two minutes and the detainees were quickly removed from the courtroom after the defense attorney explains to them briefly the significance of the decision.