Etzion DCL, Tue 14.2.12, Afternoon

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צופות ומדווחות: 
Avital F. (driving), Chana S. (reporting)

Etzion DCL:   14.30  As soon as we parked, a young man approached us for help.  He had applied for a permit for his wife to reach Augusta Victoria hospital for medical treatment, but was refused.  As he had not brought any document from the hospital, this was not surprising.  We advised him to get one with full details and, in case he was still refused, gave him phone numbers of organisations who might help him.
In addition, he told us of his brother who was refused entry to Israel by Security, so we gave him Sylvia’s number.

Three young men standing around also turned out to be refused by Security so we gave them Sylvia’s number, too.

A woman complained that when she applied for three permits to reach a hospital – one for her sick daughter, one each for herself and another daughter to accompany her -  she was allowed to get only two permits -  one for the patient and one for herself.

Inside, there was a light stream of people passing through the carousel, mostly for special permits.  Some of them were on their way to the police. It is unusual for a policeman to be available in the afternoon. The woman soldier at the carousel seemed attentive and was quite polite.

An older man came in.  He was to see about a fine on behalf of his son – but he asked us to wait for him. When he finally came out, he said that the policeman had told him to come back in the morning – which he didn’t seem to mind.  But his main problem was that he wanted a ‘few days’ permit so that he could enter Israel to look for work . This was refused as he had been given one a year ago.  In conversation we learned that he had many contacts in moshavim so we advised him to ask one of his contacts there to apply for a work permit on his behalf. But also gave him Moked’s number, just in case.
16.15  We left.