'Anin, Reihan, Shaked, Thu 15.11.07, Morning

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צופות ומדווחות: 
Sima S., Lea R. (reporting)

translated by T.R

  06:15 `Anin Checkpoint

The people that we meet at the checkpoint are complaining for not being allowed to pass with containers of olive oil. A conversation with the DCO clarifies that: licensed drivers can only transfer olive oil through Reihan-Bartaa and only after pre-coordination and with accordance to the agreement with `Anin's mukhtar (head of the village).   

The passage of people is slow. Someone is telling us that his wife, an Israeli citizen, had her Israeli ID confiscated in the beginning of 2007. They had been married for 19 years, and she and their children live in Um El Phahem, Israel. A new ID has not been issued for her. New certifications, the category of which is unclear to us, were given to her and her children. She is still waiting for an answer from the Ministry of the Interior.     

 Today is the Palestinian Independence Day according to Arafat's declaration on 1988. People dressed up for the occasion are passing to the seam line zone. There is a wedding in Um El Phahem.

 07:30 Shaked-Tura Checkpoint

Over the Palestinian Independence Day there is no school, it is also likely that there is a strike. Only some enter the seam line zone. In the direction of the West Bank only a few taxis pass. 


 07:40 Reihan-Bartaa Checkpoint 

Traffic is light in both directions. A few trucks are waiting in the Palestinian parking lot. The regular routine. We are told that there are many people inside the terminal.



When we leave we meet a Palestinian boy. About a month ago he was hospitalized in Rambam hospital in Haifa after being severely injured by the shots of a soldier in Jenin. Today the boy was taken to the hospital for not feeling well - he is in pain, pale, fragile; he is not studying or sleeping. His mother looks broken. So sad.