Al Nashshash, Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Wed 24.10.07, Morning

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צופות ומדווחות: 
Ora A., Yoske M, Rachel M., Derora P. (reporting), translation Jonathan M.

Rachel Passage , El-Nashash, Nebi-Yunes, Etzyon DCL

Many people are outside waiting for cars.

Inside there are hardly any people waiting at the checking booths. Everything is flowing quickly. Can this be attributed to the efficiency of the people working at the booths?

We met one of the ecunemical accompaniers who told us that the place opened at 5:08 and that things were flowing smoothly also at the main enterence.

Security at the terminal is supplied by a private security firm whose employees are very tough towards the Palestinians and towards us. Is privatization the new trend? Next thing we know they will privatize the entire occupation.  

07:40 El-Nashash

There are many cars crossing this junction. “Unemployed” we carry on. 

08:30 Nebi-Yunes

Also here we did not find anyone who needed our help. 

09:00 Beit-Omer

At the taxi stand we were approached by two people who had problems with the police. We took their details in order to check up at Ras El-Amud police station. 

09:40 Etzyon DCL

Maher is in. There are no notices regarding confiscating of land and the number of people waiting is small. There were only a couple of complaints: a person who arrived at the Alenbi crossing and was turned back, despite the fact that he had a magnetic card. Another appealed to the Supreme Court with one of our lawyers, but the trial never came to fruition. He was denied by the GSS based on the claim that his brother was imprisoned as a high ranking commander in the Islamic Jihad. He was going to consult with the lawyer how to continue in order to receive an entry permit