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06:30 - We encountered 3 Palestinians who complained that Border Police took their IDs and told them to come back later. At the checkpoint we saw a larger group of detaineesinfo-icon whose IDs were confiscated because they tried to by pass the checkpoint. We tried to speak to the Border Policeman who told us to let him do his work. While walking uphill we saw that all the group was released. Later on we saw at least 2 of the Palestinians trying to sneak in again.The checkpoint itself had few pedestrians or vehicles. There was only one lane used for cars and the soldiers directed one car from each side at a time which caused for a little delay.At El-Khadr, we saw a pregnant woman climbing the pile of dirt, a young boy on crutches heading to the clinic in BL who had to go all the way from one side of the road to the other walking on crutches. As in other checkpoints the Palestinians adapt quickly to the new situation and arrange private or public facilities to assist the people - we saw young boys with carts who offered carrier services to those with heavy loads.