Reihan, Shaked, Sun 9.12.07, Morning

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מקום או מחסום: 
צופות ומדווחות: 
Dvora S., Chana H. (reporting)

07:10 - 08:50

07:10 Shaked Checkpoint

Workers crossing from the West Bank to the Seam Zone: according to them "everything is okay" - and a few schoolchildren crossing to Tura - routine of life.

07:30 Reihan Checkpoint

The upper parking lot is quiet and only a small group of workers is still waiting for transport.

They arrived at 07:00 and passed immediately. Development and building work continues, this time by the dog kennels.

The lower parking lot is very active: goods are being offloaded and reloaded. Three vehicles entered the closed compound at 07:00 and are still there. Eleven more are waiting to be checked..

A military commandcar is circulating in the lot and the soldiers are asking where it comes from.

Everything is routine. The 07:45 bus from Bartaa passes and the passengers who have gone through the terminal board it and continue their journey.

I. travels back and forth bringing workers from the bridge. At Dotan Checkpoint, so he tells us, passage in the last few days has been okay both for drivers and farm workers.

Walid's status is certified at the checkpoint - and he has received a big garbage wagon.

At 07:40 four vehicles enter the compound for inspection. The inspection, with dogs, takes until 08:10. Only at 08:15 do the first three come out with their loads, and four more are taken in. The inspection takes a long time, but entry and exit have become more efficient.{L}