Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 10.12.07, Afternoon

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צופות ומדווחות: 
Yael Y., Orit Y., translation Ruth B.


Nebi Yunas, Etzyon DCL


We returned medical x-rays to a man in Nebi Yunas. Haya was helping him get a medical opinion from an Asuta hospital doctor.

We continued to Etzyon DCL. Maher had been missing for two days. A clear notice had been hung regarding his absence.

We met three people waiting for the GSS since early morning. Eventually all they received was a summons for next week. A group of people were waiting for the person in charge (Nir), because some of their construction equipment had been confiscated. According to them they were using it on their plot of land to pave a road. They had been in telephone contact with Nir and he invited them to the DCL with permits proving their ownership of the land they were working on. 

Another man was waiting for a medical permit from the Peres Peace Center in order to escort his five and a half year old daughter to an operation in Soroka Hospital. When the permit did not arrive we tried calling our contacts, including the Peres Peace Center, but in vain. We were able to contact Tedesa, who said the permit had not yet been received and promised to be in touch with Beit-EL and Dalia Basa, who also promised to help. We gave her the man and his wife’s I.D information. During all this was going on we received a voicemail from Ahmad Azuad (a medical contact person) saying the permit will arrive within fifteen minutes.  

The soldier manning the carousal was courteous. The people entering through the carousal were asked to put their cell phones, wallets, belts, keys and change beside the entrance. One man was also asked to remove his shoes. An automatic number dispenser was installed between the carousal and the checking booth. The new DCL officer, Navuan, arrived at the waiting room. He is very aware of his duty as a service provider and even gave us his cell phone number. Meanwhile the permit from Peres Peace Center arrived and the man left happy and relieved. 

We continued to Bethlehem CP 300 as the day was waning. There was an organized line - this time in pairs - that almost reached the entry gate. Six posts were open. A police man and a security guard managed the flow of people with great efficiency. During the winter the wait outside this Check point is harsh because of the freezing westerly winds and occasional rain.  

A young man arriving from Bethlehem approached us and told us of a long line on the other side of the Check point, including a group of tourists, and that there is only one post operating. Meanwhile, on our side two posts closed and the line was growing in the freezing cold.