Beit Iba, Tue 8.1.08, Morning

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מקום או מחסום: 
צופות ומדווחות: 
Sarah K., Ruth C.,Natanya translating

Beit Iba
 6.45 – 8.50
 On the way to the checkpoint we see many workers at the Gate of Flowers. Maybe it is worthwhile to stop there sometime. Much more pressure than at Qalqiliya.  The path to the checkpoint is flooded and one has to go off the road to get to the checkpoint.  Also at the pedestrians' entrance to Nablus the water is flowing  and people have to lift their dresses to pass. We spoke to the representatives of the DCO who said that the building has not been completed and that a draining system on the  eastern area is being considered. The water will then drain off outside the checkpoint.

     We were happy to see that during our shift the DCO representative arrived with a sign with a list of organisations and a photocopy of all the permits of passage.  A pity that this was not done so before.

   The checkpoint is fairly quiet  and there is little movement. A soldier asks us to move but when we do it he leaves things as they are.

    The passage on both sides is quite fast. At the exit the main problem is the magnometer which squeaks away and so people have to take off belts and shoes.  To stand on the wet cement is not pleasant. The line immediately starts to lengthen.

At the beginning there are three lines one of which is for women and older men but at 8.30 some of the team leave and so there is only one line for all those leaving Nablus. Before we left a family with children is checked methodically including the school bags.

Few cars and no line.