'Anata, Abu Dis, Container (Wadi Nar), Thu 20.3.08, Afternoon

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צופות ומדווחות: 
Debora G., Daphna S. (reporting)


Wadi Naar, 15:00

There are few cars and no traffic jams at the place, but they detain entering cars with young male passengers. They are required to park the cars parallel to the fence, so there is space for more detaineesinfo-icon.

The checkup of the documents takes no more than ten minutes. The soldier refuses to talk to us, but the commander of the checkpoint answers and explains that there is no influence of the closureinfo-icon on this specific checkpoint.

Until we left at 16:00 there were few workers, and on the way back on Keidar road we did not see Israeli cars return workers as on other thursdays.


At the entrance there is a BP vehicle, arguing with a driver in a car. We decided to enter the camp-neighborhood and to stop on the way back and see what happens. As usual inside the municipality borders of Jerusalem it is very dirty, and roads are not real roads... we left the place.

We passed the authorities who asked us in surprise what we are doing there,  but nothing else. The detained driver had already left the place, only the Jeep was still there. As usual there was a big number of men and women soldiers, but much less vehicles coming or going than usual.