'Anabta, Ar-Ras, Jubara (Kafriat), Tue 22.4.08, Afternoon

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מקום או מחסום: 
צופות ומדווחות: 
Amit Y. Yael S. Natanya translating.

At the passage of Taynim there were no cars and we remembered that
because of the holiday there was a complete closureinfo-icon. To our surprise
the soldiers said there was none but it seems the population does not
know this. We decided to check and asked at Jubara, A-Ras and Anabta
and all said that there was no closure.


Barak opened the gate for us at Jubara with no problem and at the children's gate no one was waiting and no illegal workers.


Ar-Ras the commander greeted us and immediately tried to send us away.
There were 6 cars from the south and the checking was not even. Some
were asked a question or two and others checked more carefully. A car
was sent to the side to be more carefully checked and when we asked why
we were told that this was for security reasons. 10 minutes later it
was freed. 3 buses with girls from Ramallah on a school trip went
through and the baggage compartment was checked. A soldier got on to
the bus and came down blushing from the shouts of the girls. After that
we saw it had become a game. Another soldier asked to get on to the bus
and again was received with shouts from the girls and came down
embarrassed. It must be noted however that the bus was allowed to
bypass the line.


14.20 8 cars. The northern side not manned and no checking.


sides of the road have gone to pieces in the last winter and there are
huge holes. The empty checkpoint fills most of the road and it is
almost impossible to pass on the southern side. Taxis do so but the
other cars have great difficult. THIS MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE ATTENTION


Barak saw our car and came to open the gate. At Anabta there are no
cars. Now and again the line lengthens but is soon freed. At the
entrance to Tulkarm IDs of buses and taxis are checked.