Bethlehem, Etzion DCL, Mon 7.4.08, Morning

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מקום או מחסום: 
צופות ומדווחות: 
Chaya A, Ada G (reporting)

Checkpoint 300, Route 60, Beit Inoun, DCO Etzion

Checkpoint 300 06:45

There were long lines with a lot of pressure, crowding and tension at the inspection booths. A soldier at one of the booths announced that he would stop checking people until they organised themselves in a line. No chance of that happening, but the soldier insisted on this unrealistic piece of organisation for several minutes. He then went back to work with “educational” pauses from time to time until a burly security guard arrived and told him to stop. He ordered people to line up in two queues. This was still problematic because of the crowding but the security officer did not give up and somehow the queue formed. The soldier continued with his work. In the second queue, the security guard was answering a question from a Palestinian who was possibly complaining. I could not hear properly because of all the noise. The answer from the security guard was “So just go home!” Well, indeed, there actually is a solution! 

Hussain 7:50

A short stop for clarifications. 

Beit Omer 08:15

As usual there were people with problems. There was an older man who worked for a builder in Israel for a number of years and who has all the necessary permits and salary slips. The builder has not paid him for the last four months and has not paid any compensation. We will try to help. 

Beit Inoun 09:00

A cab driver from the Palestinian side of Route 60 on the far side of the dirt and rock pile that serves as a barrier said to us, “You heard that they have taken down 50 checkpoints – we hear it too but we don't see any changes, they are all liars.” What could we do but agree with him.  

Neve Yunis 09:15

People come to us with different problems. One of them was a young man, who spoke fluent English, returning after some years in the USA,  is not able to get a trader's license, and he is  prevented by the General Security Services (Shabak) to enter Israel. He asked for advice – what can we tell him? 

DCO Etzion 10:00

Several people who had been invited by the General Security Services.