Khalet Makhul

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צופות ומדווחות: 
Sandy, Roni, Nava, Ariel Freedman (reporter and photographer)

At Rosh Ha’Ayin train station I joined a ride with Sandy, Roni and Nava. Nava and I were dropped off at the home of Burhan and Samaher in Khirbet Mak-hul at 7:00; Sandy and Roni continued to Samra to accompany Fauzi. After some preparation, Burhan asked us to herd the animals without him, making him available to build a new pen for the animals with Yair. Nava and I followed the herd into the hills. They led us east, in the direction of a military firing range from which we could see and hear shooting exercises. In order to keep a safe distance, we turned the herd in another direction. As the animals climbed the hills, where there seemed to be more food than below, we noticed soldiers at the Umm Zuqah military base appearing to get into position to observe us. Although we remained several hundred meters from the outer fence at all times, it seemed we were being watched until we were all moving entirely away from the base. The herd headed home of their own accord around 9:15. After feeding the animals with barley, eating breakfast and enjoying the company, we left Burhan to finish his work.